Eliseo Papa

Eliseo Papa

Biomedical engineer, computational biologist, doctor

AZ Biological Insight Knowledge Graph

Build a knowledge graph of biological insights and facts. The graph powers a recommendation system which enables any AstraZeneca scientist to generate novel target hypotheses, for any disease, leveraging all of our data.

Open Targets Genetics

Map genetic variant to genes and diseases using functional genomics data.

Open Targets Platform

Find new drug targets leveraging public genetic data.


build a beautiful cv in plain text using HTML/Markdown/CSS

Machine learning applied to microbiome data

The first paper to use machine learning on microbiome sequencing data for diagnostic purposes.


The analysis used in my Supervised Learning in Microbial Ecology paper, ported to an Ipython notebook.


A PNAS paper on using microfabricated chips to profile the immune system antibody response.

You Are What You Eat

an interactive visualizations of food diary data using D3/crossfilter/dc.js


a quick and dirty command line browser for the LanguaL thesaurus

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